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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What is the most decadent thing you ever ate?

The most decadent thing ... hmmm, it's got to have been something chocolate, swimming in a delightful sauce --
but then again, it could be the creme brulee's I had in New Orleans. I have eatten creme brulee in every restaurant that offered it, but none was as refreshing and creamy white as the ones in New Orleans.

How do you like your coffee?

I love my coffee with cream and sugar. I love to watch the cream as it slips from the bottle, dives into the coffee and swims around, swirling itself through the cup.

Unfortunately, I can't drink coffee anymore. "It doesn't like me" as they say. So now I drink tea -- and while I enjoy it -- it just isn't coffee!!

Who was the last person you spoke to on the telephone?

The last person I spoke to on the phone was my prayer partner - last night. We both had the same teacher, and she called to ask me if I ever thought of her. The answer is yes, of course. I often find myself thinking about something Helen said. In fact, just the night before I had been thinking of her, and how if she was here, she'd have some good answers about church stuff. I said to her, in my mind, "You know, I believe that if I'm thinking a lot about someone who has died, it means they're hanging around me. If you're here, I need to know."
And then Barb called with her question. It came to her to pull some Angel cards -- and so together we went swimming in the infinite possibilities of consciousness ... she pulled Archangel Michael and Power and another one I can't remember. She also told me something she felt Helen wanted me to know, that I also don't remember.
I'll have to write Barb and ask her what it was.

Who would you love to meet for lunch?

Good question. Because this month's theme is swim, I imagine being at one of the hotels on the Waikoloa side of the Big Island, swimming up to an island in the middle of the pool where there is a delightfully set table, and delicious food.

At this table is my future Beloved. He'd be tan and good looking, and really confident. He'd be so pleased to be able to create a romantic atmosphere for us. As I got out of the pool (how do you climb out gracefully?) he'd throw a big towel around me, give me a smoldering glance, kiss me lightly, and pull out my chair.

The lunch would a bit of foreplay to an afternoon in our room.

Big sigh.

Do you like to dive into things or take your time getting acclimated?

In Life - it depends upon the circumstances. If it's an experience that's going to be short lived - I like to jump in .... if it's going to be a long one - I like to take my time.

Now - since the topic is swim, I must admit that if the water is cold, it takes me time. There is a place in the center of my mid back that is soooo sensitive to cold, that I try to ease into the water. Everyone has always said - "just jump in" but I can't -- it's like I'm afraid of the shock to my system.

And then again, maybe it's because I'd feel out of control. A memory just came up. When I was little, my parents and my brother hassled me into jumping in, and I almost drowned. I was so scared. For a long time after that, I wouldn't even go near the water. I would sit on the sidelines reading a book, telling everyone that's what I wanted to do, even tho a part of me was yearning to play with the other kids.

I almost got over that fear when I was taking water aerobics as an adult. I had to get in right away, as being fearful in front of the whole class was more uncomfortable than easing my way in because of my back.

Friday, July 8, 2011

What is going swimmingly in your life at this moment?

Everything!! I love my life! I love my vocation, my ability to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want - most of the time :)
I love my cats, and their unique personalities -- I love my friends and their unique personalities.
I love libraries, and markets, and art fairs, and going out to eat.
My life is going swimmingly!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do you consider yourself a strong swimmer?

I like to swim, but don't consider myself a strong swimmer. "A strong swimmer" brings to mind someone training for the Olympics, or the English Channel. I'm more of a casual swimmer - doing it for the fun of being in the water, feeling the silky smoothness against my skin.
When I used to swim every other day, I felt like I was getting stronger, and slimmer -- and that was good!